Shaun Parsons
Operations Director

Shaun’s involvement with the company goes back to 1978 when it was Chandler Freight Lines Limited.

From a background of forwarding and turnkey projects in Jeddah, Riyadh and Ecuador across 14 years with Chandler Freight Lines, Shaun expanded his knowledge with Trans Ocean Distribution when, after a couple of years of working on the forwarding division, he was promoted to the logistics side of the business as European Operations Manager.

He later boosted his management skills, controlling seven European operational departments in Belgium, Spain, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy and the UK. Shaun was part of the management team that restructured the business now known as PSP during the 1998 management buy-out.

Shaun went on to establish the operations department with his overseas links and worldwide knowledge of the industry. His development with the oil field industry in Texas USA has given PSP an increased exposure in the Middle and Far East markets, where major Texan manufacturers have expanded their pipeline equipment supply.

Freight negotiations with all the major steamship companies encompassed the finance department, which naturally came under his wing. Shaun reports to the board and Managing Director on the finance and operations of the company and the development of the business.

He became a Director and board member in September 2000.  Loyal to his city, Shaun is a lifetime Southampton fan.