Andrew Squires
Oct 2013

1. Why did you choose to do leg 2 in the Clipper Race?

I decided to take part in Leg 2 for a couple of reasons. Firstly the port destinations were an attraction to me as I have not experienced either Rio De Janeiro or Cape Town.  These ports have a beauty in the landscapes and culture which is quite different to the  normal Australian lifestyle that I am accustomed.  My other motivation for Leg 2 was an ocean crossing that is renowned for good wind and solid ocean swells. I would like to challenge myself, get out of my comfort zone and be involved in an exhilarating experience that will remain with me.


2.Is there anything you wish you had packed and why?

 I have in the past travelled and participated in other extreme activities so I make sure I pack well, and double check everything.  I cannot think of anything at the moment that I would have brought except Vegemite, but as there are many Australians on board including the skipper, it is in good supply, phew.