Matt Murphy
Apr 2014

Continuing our round the worlder introductions, we caught up with Matt Murphy as PSP Logistics started the Race 10 Ocean Sprint. Matt is an electrician from Maroubra, Sydney and an avid supporter of rugby league football team, the South Sydney Rabbitohs. He is regularly pictured on board wearing their shirt or cap.

You have become known as the official team poet on board PSP Logistics. Have you been writing for a while? Where do you find your inspiration from? And which poem are you most proud of to date?

Only since Leg 1 have I written poetry and most of my inspiration comes from the shenanigans that are Clipper Round the World! And I'm most happy with the original and unedited version of 'Back 'o the Bus' that was sadly sensitised by the powers that be. We are happy to share the original version of ‘Back o' the Bus’ RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW! (see below)

You have mentioned that your father was one of the key people who inspired you to sign up for the Clipper Race. If he was still with us today, what do you think he'd say about you taking a year out to sail around the world?

I wouldn't have done the Clipper Race if the old man was still around. As a teenager watching TV with him and seeing footage of a sailing crew roused out of bed at some ungodly hour of the morning to sort a problem on deck and me commenting that that looked like fun, he replied with a few choice words and was adamant that he wouldn't sail on a boat of anything less than 100 tonnes as he'd seen the size of the swell and power of the ocean after 10 or so years at sea as a chippie in the Merchant Navy and thought people who sailed out there in small craft were crazy! If he was still around and I entertained the idea of sailing RTW, he'd probably say, "pull ya bloody head in son and don't be so bloody stupid!” But although he wouldn't stop me, he'd probably encourage me not to go.

What is the one thing you are most looking forward to at the end of the Clipper Race and why?

There are several things! But most looking forward to getting back to normal life! i.e sleeping eight or so hours straight at night in a warm, dry, comfortable and flat bed that has sheets. As well as eating fresh and healthy food. Sitting down to a good coffee at a local café. Hanging out with friends and family and a certain young Dutch lady and last but definitely not least, is to spend time at my beloved Maroubra beach!
You've done a lot of the victualling and menu planning for PSP Logistics since the start. Looking back on the race to date, what was your favourite meal on board and where were you at the time?

Slight correction, I've only done the victualling and menu planning since the start of Leg 4 in Albany. And am more in an assistant position now due to my meals being a bit too internationally flavoured for the skipper! As for a favourite meal, I don't really have one. There's been a few that could be in the running for a favourite but anything hot with a bit spice after being on a cold and/or wet deck is very much appreciated. Favourite meal off the boat…well that's a whole different story!

‘Back o’ the Bus’ by Matt Murphy

The fleet of Clipper Race yachts are all the same,
But ours has personality, Dixie's her name.

She has many sections, and different parts,
And to look at her you'd agree, she's a work of art.

Down below there's the galley, and the saloon,
Where people cook and eat, and listen to tunes.

There's also the sail locker, and the crash bulk head,
And in amongst them, is the hospital bed.

Aft of the galley, is where we all sleep,
And also our lollies, secretly where we keep.

The nav station is, a bit further aft,
It's where the brains trust apply, their special craft.

But up on deck is, where all the action’s had,
It can either be quiet, or chaotic and mad.

The cockpit is where, you'll find all the lines,
And the jammers and winches, and confusing times.

And up on the foredeck, is for the fearless and brave,
It’s physically hard, it's where the thrill seekers crave.

But aft of the helm, at the back of the bus,
Is where the cool kids hang, we talk and discuss.

A mothers club meeting, it's sometimes referred,
We talk about all sorts, including our turds.

Conversations are plenty, and on the agenda gossip's high,
Big personalities only, no room for the shy.

There's singing and laughing, and general carrying on,
At the back of the bus, it is where it is done.

But when the shit hits the fan, and Dixie needs attention,
The cool cats come for’ard, to their battle station.

We work hard and together, till all is ship shape,
And slowly retire aft, more to gabber and gape.

It's free, all's welcome, there's no joining fee or the like,
Bring your stories and laughs, and come aft on a hike.

Like life if you don't seek it, you won’t know ‘bout all the fuss,
Or see a different viewpoint, 'less you're at the back o' the bus!