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Jul 2014

To time with the departure of Race 16 from Den Helder to London, here's the penultimate PSP Logistics crew profile on round the worlder Nicky Besag, a Company Director from the UK, who will be arriving home on Saturday.

Well done, you're nearly there and will shortly be one of the five PSP Logistics crew (plus skipper Chris) who can call themselves round the worlders when you arrive in London on 12 July. We're sure the whole experience will take some time to sink in but tell us what this sense of achievement means to you and how you feel it will change your outlook on life when you get off the boat?

I have to start by saying that I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to sail around the world; to have the motivation, to have good health, the time and the money will influence how I feel about the experience in the future. I have also sailed with some wonderful people who have become my boat family and helped me achieve my objectives.

I think the sense of achievement has not sunk in yet as I have survived physically and emotionally by taking one watch at a time and I am still in that mindset. The fact that I am one of the oldest round the world crew members on our team says a lot about age and gender not being a barrier to taking on significant challenges. As a result, one area I would like to develop is around improving the image of the older person. My outlook on life will be changed by the very fact that I completed the toughest journey of my life so far; as one gets older ones confidence in certain areas diminishes. This experience will help build or re-build my confidence especially in physical type activities.

One of the biggest lessons for me is how our behaviour impacts on others. This is not a new learning for me but living with 20 strangers on a small boat for 11 months concentrates the mind. I have come to accept that I do have strengths and weaknesses which can vary according to the situation; this experience in turn will help me recognise, accept and support others.

After 11 months without any luxuries (apart from in stopovers), what are the top 5 things you are going to relish the most back in the comfort of your own home?

The most important luxury will be being with my husband Frank again. However, to answer the question how I think it is meant my top 5 will be and in no particular order:

1. Cups of English Breakfast Tea served in a bone china cup

2. Thick white toast (as recommended by Delia Smith), salted French goat's butter and course orange marmalade

3. Lying in a hot bath listening to Radio 4

4. Having a shower and wearing clean clothes

5. A glass of chilled champagne