Mar 2014

Hey PSP Logistics! Here are a few messages from your fans and followers wishing you well for the next leg and beyond!




Hi skip & crew of PSP. I know you all have the resilience to absorb the consistent run of bad luck and boat parts failures. Not your fault. The luck is about to change. I can feel a win coming on very soon. The talent is there. Now you just need a level playing field! John Hollis


Hi Chris and crew, thinking of you round the clock and wishing you well, spell of bad luck comes to an end, hope the race management delay the start as it is CRAZY to send you off alone. I fervently hope that race management correct past errors and give redress where it is deserved. Maybe because they are boats, there is no ‘level playing field;’ I hope not. Sally Holden


Chris Hollis and crew - you are all so awesome - you have all showed the true adventure and competitive spirit embodied in Sir Robin Knox Johnston - to keep going and never look back even in a place with most adversary and difficult outcomes. Your home team here in Aussie land could not be prouder! True sailors, true adventurers, Sir RKJ should be so proud of PSP Logistics - RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW! Sally Hollis


Good luck and safe, speedy sailing Chris and crew from your family in Cornwall xx Sue Rouncefield


Good luck Team PSP - big brummie love to Nicky Besag xxx Louise Ford


Sending positive thoughts your way Chris and crew! Don’t get down on yourselves, it's got to be your turn for a bit of luck on your side to go with your epic skills! Lynn Barnett


PSP Logistics - Chris and crew we wish all the luck, we watch and support you all! These things are sent to test us! Keep smiling, be positive, be proud! Lindsey Francis (PSP HQ)


Go Susy and crew, you're heroes in my books Josie Banens


Dear PSP crew. Nothing great is easy but always worth it. Stay safe and stay positive and you are all winners just for getting to the start line! X Tracey Allen


Well done PSP crew for getting there and wishing you better luck from here on!! Stay positive and focused and keep smiling. Love you Chris Hollis xxx Victoria Rouncefield


Good luck PSP!! I hope Dixie brings you wind, sun and 1st Place!! Alex Dixie (PSP HQ)


Happy sailing team, focus on having fun above trying to win now that you are compromised! Joy Wormleighton


All my support to Chris and crew! Especially to Ranj Gaind! You are real warriors, always looking forward and giving the best of you. Proud of you! Keep going PSP team! Mariella Gonzales


Good luck guys. Checking progress every day - you deserved better luck. May the wind Gods favour Dixie better from here on in! Elaine Lamdin (Leg 2, 7)


The only inspiration Matt Murphy needs is that his Rabbitohs flogged the Roosters 28-8. GGTSS Brad Cooke

Good luck to you all, thinking of you and wishing you speedy safe travels across the waters. Ddxxx Dawn Edwards


We are supporting you all the way....! Michaela Davies


Go Team PSP! We are all rooting for you! The bad luck is behind you now, onwards and upwards right here right now xxx Alma Botes


PSP!! You should have stayed in HK longer!! Miss u warriors. Stay warm and toasty and enjoy the Tsing Tao beer (tastes different right?!) xxx Helen Louise N


Chinese whispers ...but all good luck & hopes for the next leg to all crew members... Sheila McKnight




Sending PSP all good wishes to Skipper and Crew. Hope all is well on the good ship PSP - watching and willing you on from all Clipper Friends and Family Support Group. Pat Gloyne Chesney


Keep up the good work PSP Logistics - Clipper Race Team Love Boat Shows


I think of the team every day, you have been doing it so tough. My love and admiration to you. Don’t give up...hang in there…you have had immense challenges by anyone’s standards...hang in there PSP xxxx Val Nicholls (Leg 4, 8)



PSP you’ve been dealt heaps of crap,

But I know you girls and boys will never look back.

OCEAN RACING is always a chore,

You get tired and battered and worn out to the core.

Still deep down inside you have the soul of a fighter,

So take on this adversity and knit the team tighter.

Giving your best is all you can do,

Grit your teeth and wear the poo.

Having sailed with you on Dixie-normous,

I know having fun is always foremost.

So keep up the cheer and don’t have a cow,

May the shout go round - Right Here Right Now!


Spinnaker, mainsail flying high


Are we ready? We say yes – we are the crew from Team TX

So pull that sheet and grind that winch – aye aye skip I am your bitch.

Who’s the fastest on the high seas

It’s Team Excellence PSP!


Wishing I was there guys!


Papa Smurf Dale Simms (Leg 1, 4)


PSP- Performing Splendidly People! We're having a tough time but your still on it and so pleased to be a part of your team, can't wait to join you all on the other side, San Francisco here we come! Helen Seeley (Leg 7)


To Chris and all my other friends (those I have met and those I haven't!) on Dixie....The only thing that matters is that the team know they've done all they can - and we all know that's the case. You've battled on through regardless and I'm proud to be able to say I'm your team mate on PSP Logistics. Sail safe and see you in San Fran. All the best Elaine Lamdin (Leg 2, 7)


A man walked into a bar, ouch it was an iron bar. This "joke" is used in my family no matter what the issue. It’s pulled out of the bag when visiting someone in hospital with cancer and in other "traumatic" circumstances like when the car breaks down on the motorway in the pouring rain or when the family goldfish is found floating on top of its little tank! So, I figured it would also be valid for use now for Team PSP, when despite mega team effort things aren’t going our way. It sucks and I’m sad for you all. But play Ben Howard, keep your head up, keep your heart strong and keep smiling! Can’t wait to see you all in NYC! BIG love Sal xxx Sally Slack (Leg 8)


Hello there beautiful people. I so wish I was there with you all. Having followed your race since leaving your company, is a very different experience. Whilst I sleep, you continue in the gruelling conditions, or to face challenges that mere mortals cannot imagine. I feel deep compassion for the trials you have faced as a team, and having been personally involved in a few of them as a fully engaged team member, I wanted to say to you all.... What you are doing, and who you are doing it with will stay with you forever. When you return to 'normal', the world will close in around you and what has happened will feel like a dream. Whilst you are there, be there. Within you all is you at your best, I saw it in all of you and know it to be in everyone. Your responsibility is to bring out your best every day and to help the rest of your crew to do so as well. Tough times never last. Tough people do. I love you all. Cordially Yours, Michael xx Michael Bishop (Leg 4)



YOU ARE ALL PIRATES Graeme Jackson (Leg 4)


May the winds be with you and the boat not break again! Surely it's time for good luck! Keep up the amazing work guys. Kristen Stretch


GOOOOOOO PSP! onwards and upwards. After adversity comes triumph. Stay positive and self-assured!!!! Special howzit to nr2 from tsh Tracy Harrison


Good Luck Team PSP... We are all cheering you on from here in Segensworth... Let lady luck be on our side.... RiGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW! Mike Austin (PSP HQ)


Time for the gremlins to leave and trouble free sailing to happen. Best wishes and positive vibes to you Chris and your crew from Stuart and myself. Denise Murray


GO Team PSP. Good luck for Race 10. RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW. Carol Brant (PSP HQ)



On the one hand, I am relieved that I wasn't the Jonah on board for Leg 4 but on the other, I am gutted that your bad luck has continued in Leg 5. But in the words of skip, "It is what it is" and what's important is the amazing way you've dealt with the growing list of set-backs. Thinking of you all and hope you get a bit of time to enjoy the amazing hospitality in Qingdao (and beware when someone comes up to you and says Gambei!) xxx Katie Beney (Leg 4 and PSP HQ)


Cheering you on all the way! Jayne Wilde


Go Team PSP! Never forget that despite all the challenges you guys are all incredible and achieving amazing things! Keep on smiling and sailing safe x Anna Kate Metcalf


To Chris and the gang, I have followed your journey via Yellowbrick, skipper reports and crew diaries. It has been a great experience for me as well. Recently I have been heartbroken by the bad luck Dixie has suffered. So I think it is time to:

* exorcise the poltergeist;

* collect some lucky horseshoes and four leaf clovers;

* keep fingers (and toes) crossed

in order improve your good fortune. I will hope and pray for some fast and challenging sailing in the coming races, not necessarily a podium position (although it would be nice). You have done remarkably well to keep cheerful under such adverse circumstances and will continue to do so with all the encouragement you have from family and friends and other supporters. I wish you fair winds and following seas (love that nautical talk!) Heartfelt wishes and loving thoughts from Anne Pigram


Dear Chris and Team PSP, Courage is born out of adversity. You have been through much adversity during the race, from the collision in Albany, slowly sinking on the way to Hobart, to rigging issues and now the passage to Qingdao. Skipper and team have bonded and grown stronger, become more cohesive and have achieved much in the face of incredible obstacles. Through all this, Skipper, rounders and leggers have worked as one and have become one with CV28. Now, no watery mountain is too high, no wind too strong and no breakages too bad to dampen your spirit. You are doing what few people have done and few will ever do. You may not be remembered in the history books but your heroic endeavours will be talked about for years to come by your shipmates, families at the dinner table, your mates at the pub, by those who know you well and by those you have met briefly who tell others their best friend sailed around the world. Many of you will go back to your professions and lives before Clipper, some will change careers and lives because of Clipper, but all of you will be stronger and enriched because of all your experiences, not just the good ones. Congratulations to all, you are achieving something great and fulfilling your lives right here right now. Best wishes, Tony Christmas (Leg 4) P.S. After 10 weeks in a cast and physio twice a week for the past 2.5 months I am walking properly again. I am planning on sailing in the Brisbane to Gladstone at Easter. Although I had a rough trip I would not have changed it for the world. Thanks to everyone.


John Madin, Kiwi Chris, Andrew Thomas, Sam Trimmer and I are meeting up in the “Jolly Sailor” to bid farewell to PSP on an epic north Pacific crossing.  There may be breakages and spillage, perhaps even a mild bout of sickness, just like life on old Dixie, but there will not be a 2am or even 6am start……I am sure that John is gutted to not be with you (aren’t we all!) but he will be soon be dipping his toes in San Francisco Bay.  Best of luck.  The German Spy. Patrick O’Connell (Leg 2, 3)


Hi Team, I have been away for a week and returned today to read about the trials and tribulations that you have all been going through during the last race.  You have battled through incredibly difficult conditions only to be thwarted by the failure of the equipment and a lot of bad luck. Despite it all it sounds as if you are an amazing team. I am full of admiration for you all. I avidly read each report written by Chris and crew members.  It helps me appreciate a little of what you are all going through.  Great team.  (I hope Number 22 left the yacht in Qinqdao.)

Leg 5 is now behind you. So right here right now and onto a successful leg 6. Karen Bowman x (Leg 7)

May the winds work with you and the luck embrace you, we will be with you all the way, from a distance! Much love from one Dixie to another xxx Jo


And Good Luck for Race 10…we’re with you all the way!