Podium PSP
Oct 2013

What an exciting 24 hours it has been in the Clipper Race.

After 5,000 miles of racing and 27 days at sea, PSP Logistics, who crossed the Rio finish line 19 seconds after Jamaica Get All Right on Sunday, claimed victory in Race 2 Sunday after a time redress put them ahead.

To add to the excitement, Qingdao was third over the line, but Henri Lloyd has taken third podium position as it had a 7 hour 15 minute redress applied, putting it ahead of the Chinese entry in overall standings.

Redress meant some boats time credits to compensate for suspending racing while replenishing fresh water supplies in the Doldrums, PSP Logistics moved ahead of Jamaica Get All Right in the overall standings after applying a 1 hour 11 min redress to win Race 2.

PSP Logistics skipper, Chris Hollis, celebrated his team’s strong performance. He said: “The finish was fantastic. We had been playing cat and mouse for about a week with Jamaica Get All Right since we left the Doldrums. We didn’t get much sleep last night but getting a grandstand finish was all worth it.

“This is a brand new boat and a brand new team, and neither has been tested in these conditions. As a team we really progressed and grew stronger as the race went on. Overall, I think we dealt with the tough conditions all very well.”


  • Team PSP Logistics after winning Race 2

  • Trish Dixie naming PSP Logistics

  • Trish Dixie naming PSP Logistics

  • The naming ceremony

  • Sir RKJ and Trish Dixie

  • Sir RKJ

  • Stepping the mast

  • Chris Hollis - Skipper of PSP Logistics

  • Before PSP Logistics was branded and launched