Logistics Firm Lifts Three Trains Into The Air
Aug 2011

WORLDWIDE logistics company, PSP, has played in integral part in transporting three 44-tonne trains to Romania this week.

The firm, based in Segensworth, Hampshire, was tasked with the difficult and potentially dangerous job of loading the locomotives onto a vessel at Southampton Dry Dock and transporting them by sea to Romania.

The two 07-16 Plain Line Tampers and the Ballast Regulator trains were bought by CDC Star Limited from a UK firm and needed to be transported to their new owners.

The trains were delivered to Southampton Dry Dock on a truck on Monday and PSP’s loading team carried out the operation of getting them from the truck and onto the vessel.

The trains were rolled off their transport truck onto the floor of the dock. Chains were then attached to each train and they were lifted individually using PSP’s spreader equipment and Solent Stevedores’ 100-tonne crane.

PSP Director, Simon O’Neill, who oversaw the tricky nine-hour operation, said:

“We had to take into account every possibility and external factor when lifting the trains from the floor to the vessel. High winds did make it a slightly more tricky affair but we were able to complete the task quickly and safely.”

The trains were loaded onto vessel ‘The Flinter Fortune’ and will reach their final destination of Constanza in Romania in around 10 days.

Managing Director of PSP, Frank Dixie, said:

“This was a particularly unusual cargo and it was quite a sight to see these huge trains lifted around 30 feet into the air over Southampton. While one would think it would be more difficult to load these trains compared to our usual task of transporting boats, the process was actually very similar and thanks to our experience in moving military vehicles we were able to get the job done quickly and safely.”