PSP Goes The Extra Mile
May 2011

PSP has taken its dedication to customers to the next level by flying across the world to deliver training.

Carol Brant, who works at PSP’s headquarters in Hampshire, UK, flew to the Emirates in order to provide bespoke training for Lister Petter’s Dubai office.

PSP is Lister Petter’s in-house freight forwarder and has been working with the company for several years. The team from Lister Petter Dubai has regular, long distance training with Carol as part of this relationship but this particular segment required more than an internet-based lesson so Carol flew to Dubai to deliver it in person.

Carol, who is in charge of Letters of Credits at PSP and has vast experience in this area having worked for banks in the past, led the Lister Petter Dubai office in a training session on documentary credits.

Letters of credit are a vital part of the freight forwarding process, as they ensure that the company gets paid for its products once compliant documents have been presented to the bank. The intricate and detailed paperwork involved in a letter of credit is vital to get right so PSP carried out the training in person.

The training gave PSP and Lister Petter representatives the chance to discuss banking on a professional level, as well as find ways to streamline Lister Petter’s processes.

It’s not the first time PSP has gone the extra mile for its customers. In the past members of the logistics team have hand-delivered important parcels to countries across the globe just to ensure they reach their destination on time. PSP also negotiates tough deals, attends loadings in countries across the world, visits customers at boat shows overseas and has even travelled through pirate-infested waters to get precious cargo to its customers.