PSP Keeps Record Breaking Sailor En Route To Success
Jun 2011

Inspirational sailor, Dee Caffari MBE, may have completed her latest record-breaking challenge but a Hampshire company is still giving her support as it transports her equipment safely back to the UK.

PSP, based in Fareham, played an important role as Dee took on her toughest challenge to date, The Barcelona World Race. It transported vital equipment to her across the world as she sailed the seas in a bid for victory on the waves.

Dee completed the challenge on April 13 and smashed the world record for the woman that has sailed non-stop around the planet more times than any other in history.

This week PSP is transporting one of the most important pieces of Dee’s cargo back to the UK, ready to be used for her next on-water adventure.

The 40ft container, which opens up into a mobile workshop where Dee and her team can carry out repairs to her yacht, was loaded onto a container vessel by PSP in Barcelona on Tuesday (May 24) and will arrive in Gosport tomorrow (Friday, June 3).

Throughout the race PSP has provided logistics support for Dee and her team. It first moved the container from Gosport to Barcelona at the start of the challenge and the firm has also arranged the movement of a yacht cradle and mast, using a dedicated yacht transport vehicle to carry the equipment over.

Dee also required the help of PSP last September when she desperately needed a new keel for her boat. PSP arranged for an 18 tonne dedicated lorry to collect a new keel built for her yacht. The 3,828kg keel was collected from Lymington and driven direct to Barcelona, over two days.

PSP Managing Director, Frank Dixie, said:

“Dee is a great friend of PSP and an excellent sailor, who we are keen to support throughout her around the world expeditions.

“It was fantastic to be a part of her latest challenge and we are happy to report that Dee’s container is now safely on its way back to the UK.”