PSP Scores A Hat Trick
Jul 2011

WORLDWIDE boat transportation and logistics firm, PSP, has scored a hat trick, having transported three ferries across the world in as many months.

PSP, based in Hampshire, has had its work cut out as it has moved more than 350-tonnes worth of ferry.

The hat trick kicked off in May when PSP transported two catamaran ferries from the UK to Russia. The two 40m long ferries, which previously served as the Fastcats from Portsmouth to the Isle of Wight, were loaded in Southampton. The catamaran ferries, which can reach speeds of 33 knots, were delivered alongside the transportation vessel in and lifted from the water directly onto the deck, using the ship’s own cranes.

The PSP team was tested by the elements as rain and wind prevailed throughout the loading, making conditions difficult. However, the expert team, having decades of experience of loading in adverse weather, loaded the ferries on time and in mint condition.

The ferries reached Sochi in Russia on May 14, having been in transit for two weeks, and will be used as passenger ferries in the Black Sea.

No sooner had the PSP team had time to draw breath when the final part of its hat trick came in. PSP was commissioned to transport a 95-tonne catamaran passenger ferry from Busan in South Korea to Derince in Turkey.

The catamaran ferry, previously named Arcadia, was loaded on May 20 in Busan in South Korea onto brand new vessel, Amethyst. The loading was overseen by PSP’s Support Services Manager, Denis Langridge, who flew to the country specially for the task. The ferry arrived in Derince in Turkey on June 26 and was then transshipped on a Russian river boat to Aktau in Kazakhstan. The ferry will work as a passenger ferry under the new name of CM Jet 5.

Managing Director, Frank Dixie, said:

“We have had to work to tight deadlines of delivery to ensure these ferries reach their destinations on time and are ready to be put to work.

“They are all unusual shapes, sizes and weights which means they can be a bit of a logistical nightmare to move, especially over long distances but it is our promise to deliver them in perfect condition, which is what we have achieved.”