Jun 2011

PSP plans to open an office in China following the success of its operation in India, it announced today (June 14).

The worldwide boat transportation and logistics firm, which also offers marine spares among its services, launched its Indian office in February 2011 as an innovative joint venture with Sai Freight, a member of the PSP Worldwide Commercial Boat Transportation Alliance.

Since then PSP India has celebrated several notable successes, including the purchase of its own commercial vessel, Mumbai Butterfly. The low drafted vessel operates around the Indian Coast, within the Indian Sub Continent and the Persian Gulf and is able to penetrate into the Majestic Rivers of India, providing an innovative freight alternative to the already crowded and expensive roads and highways.

The purchase will bring colossal benefits to PSP India and its customers, as it means the company can offer a more flexible service with more competitive rates.

Another of PSP India’s successes is that it has been appointed as exclusive shipping contractor for Sai Water Technologies India. As part of the high value contract, PSP India will be responsible for transporting the firm’s vital equipment, such as dredgers, excavators, floating sewage plants and water purification boats all over India, including to remote river locations.

Frank Dixie, Managing Director of PSP, said:

“The successes we have achieved in such a short amount of time with PSP India are astounding and have exceeded even the high goals and expectations we set for ourselves. We decided to set up an Indian office in order to maintain control over our work in that area and we have done just that.

“As a result of this we are looking to mirror the model that we have set in India and open up our own dedicated office in China. China is an emerging market that offers huge opportunities for commercial marine businesses in the UK, particularly with so much boat manufacturing taking place there. As one of the biggest trade routes in the world, it is also the obvious next place for PSP to set up an overseas office.”

The China office will be a joint venture and PSP aims to open the office later this year.