Recognition For Show Sponsor
Aug 2011

Managing Director of PSP, Frank Dixie, has finally been recognised for his impressive role in the boat transportation industry.

After more than a decade at the helm of his company, he has been named ‘Business Entrepreneur of the Year’.

The accolade was bestowed upon Frank at the South Coast Business Awards and judges cited his willingness to take risks on his passionate journey to establish himself in the market of boat transportation as the winning factor.

Since forming PSP back in 1998, Frank has been vocal about his bid to take on what he calls the ‘big boys’ of boat transportation companies and provide a choice for customers.

He said:

“For a long time it has been impossible to break into the boat transportation industry. My mission has always been for PSP to break that and reduce shipping rates. It has not been an easy mission, particularly as an independent company, but through the years we have proven ourselves and risen through the ranks to ‘take on the big boys’.

“Before PSP came on the scene our competitors were able to lie back and think of a number to quote. Now they can’t do that because we have given customers a choice.”

Frank’s willingness to take risks in order to achieve his mission was commended by judges at the awards. They noted how his sponsorship of the PSP Southampton Boat Show has put the company on the map and given significant support to the UK’s marine industry.

Award sponsor, RSM Tenon’s John Taylor, said:

“Our winner was someone who had faced adversity and bounced back, and maybe that’s the typical thing about an entrepreneur.”

He added:

“But perhaps not so many people bounce back in quite the way this particular individual has managed to do time and time again, and he’s now very lucky to be at the helm of a very, very, significant business.”

PSP has established itself as a major player in the industry in the last three years, under the leadership of Frank Dixie. It has formed alliances and partnerships with companies across the world in order to sink the established order and gain strength within the boat transportation market.

Just earlier this year PSP launched a triumvirate alongside GAC and Pindar, joining forces to establish a new logistics service for sail racing teams that aims to become the number one service on the market.