British Boats Escape Cold Weather
Feb 2012

Temperatures may have dropped in the UK but four brand new British boats are headed for sunnier climes this week as they are being transported stateside by PSP.

The worldwide boat transportation firm has loaded four luxury motor yachts onto
vessel, MV Onego Arkhangelsk, at Southampton Docks and is now sending them to the Miami International Boat Show.

The luxury boats will be unloaded at Port Everglades, where clients will be able to check the hulls of their precious cargo before it is unloaded into the water. They will then be taken on the short journey to the Sea Isle Marina, ready to be displayed on the opening day on February 16.

PSP is currently the only UK boat transportation firm that ships boats into Port Everglades for the Miami Boat Show. As the closest port to the show, it saves exhibitors thousands of dollars in fuel.