Feb 2021

A message to our customers,


It’s very easy to lose contact with our clients whilst we are in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, so I write to you firstly to say hello and secondly to give you an update as to how the logistics industry has been affected by Covid and Brexit.

The Covid virus has caused whole countries to lockdown which of course includes airports and ports. This has had a disastrous effect on the whole industry which has resulted in a shortage of containers and vessels. The majority of airfreight moves on passenger aircraft which have been depleted thanks to lack of passengers causing space to be an issue and resulting in price hikes. 

Throw in Brexit and now you have all the above plus a European document jam. This will go some way towards explaining why our industry is in such a mess. Freight rates are at a premium, in some cases shipping lines are charging up to ten times the market rate for a container from Asia to Europe, which in anyone’s eyes is scandalous. To make matters worse some shipping lines are bypassing the UK and using other European ports to discharge their containers.

The net result is delay and extra cost. 

We are talking to our overseas partners daily and monitoring the situation and it appears that things are improving. Rates seem to be on the way down as more space becomes available and the Brexit situation is improving as customs formalities become less of mystery.  

PSP has a direct link to CHIEF (Customs Handling Import Export Freight) and we are dealing with all sorts of enquiries as shippers get used to the new regulations so let us know if there is anything we can help you with. 

So, whether you are importing or exporting factor in delay and increased costs for at least the next three months. Call us if you have any problems otherwise we will see you when it is safe.


With regards,

Frank Dixie

Managing Director