Mar 2020



At PSP Logistics we are committed to delivering our services to the highest possible standard, without putting the health and wellbeing of our staff or our customers at risk. We understand the importance of co-operating with our staff and customers during times of uncertainty to ensure the correct procedures are in place for the safe continuation of business.

We have a business continuity framework in place which plans for a variety of potential business continuity incidents, including the impact of pandemic illnesses. There is no current impact to our teams or the services that we provide.

However, as part of our business continuity framework we are monitoring the development of the Coronavirus outbreak.

 This includes:

  • Monitoring of the advice and guidance issued by the Department of Health and Social Care, Public Health England and the World Health Organisation
  • Monitoring of reported cases and infection rates
  • Monitoring of travel advice for PSP Logistics staff travelling within or outside of the UK
  • Reducing any non-essential travel
  •  Internal monitoring of absence levels in line with typical measures at this time of year
  • Internal communications to provide updates to our staff


In addition to taking advice from leading public authorities, we are ready to put in place appropriate and precautionary measures should this be necessary.


This includes:

  • Enact part or all our Business Continuity plans (BCP), which could include some of our employees working from home. We have plans in place to ensure this is possible, with each member of the team having full remote access to our data and all software which will ensure we can continue to provide our services to our customers.  
  • We will also provide all our customers with our Skype contact details so that all operators and finance team are accessible.
  • Engagement with our customers and third-party suppliers over their readiness for dealing with a Coronavirus pandemic and how we can support them.


As this situation is not like anything previously experienced, we are taking every precaution to ensure we are prepared. We will continue to watch for new developments as the situation unfolds and adapt our policies accordingly. However, if you have any immediate questions or require any further information, please direct these requests to our HR Team personally or via e-mail.