Feb 2018

PSP (Premier Shipping & Packing) is a British freight forwarder and export packer and specialise in event and project logistics. Based in Fareham in the South of England, the PSP team have worked with global partners to ensure smooth, and timely delivery of some of the GREAT Britain campaign’s most prized possessions.Bloodhound

PSP’s expertise in physically exporting goods has taken them all over the world, and for GREAT the partnership has meant we have been able to showcase the best of Britain to some of the UK’s biggest markets.


The ‘GREAT Creations’ exhibition is a unique collection of bespoke objects generously created for the GREAT Britain campaign by some of the UK’s most creative talent. The complete collection, which features an unseen set of David Bailey portraits of Her Majesty The Queen, a specially designed GREAT Aston Martin Rapide S, and a jewel-studded couture gown by Nicholas Oakwell, showcases the best of British creativity and highly skilled craftsmanship.


PSP along with global partners to the campaign have delivered the exhibition to the far corners of the world. Whether it be Mumbai, Marrakesh, Shanghai or Rio De Janiero, PSP have ensured that all of the items arrived safely and securely.

If Paddington was a real life bear, he would have clocked up over 35,000 air miles through the journeys that PSP have taken him on for GREAT.Paddington


‘It is always a rewarding experience working with the GREAT team and ensuring that everything gets to its destination in good condition”


Managing Director Frank Dixie


The supersonic car, Bloodhound, will be travelling over 1,000mph to become the fastest car ever in 2018. But thanks to PSP, a full size model of the car has already travelled 1,000s of miles around the world showcasing British Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).


PSP have been responsible for shipping a full model to Czech Republic, Hungary, India (Mumbai, Chennai, & Delhi), Mexico, Singapore, Canada and Brazil. Working closely with GREAT they have ensured the seamless delivery of the Bloodhound model in over 15 destinations, travelling 40739 miles.