Jan 2017

Here are just a few of our accomplishments for 2016.  

  • We saw our first ever PSP baby boom with no less than 4 new arrivals, 3 boys and 1 girl.  Seems our office is very fertile!  
  • We completed our 4th race as official logistics partner to the Clipper Race.  A very proud achievement. 
  • Collectively we have visited boat shows and exhibitions in 5 continents.  
  • PSP was selected by the GREAT campaign to pack and ship all the incredible pieces on display in British House in Rio for the 2016 Olympic Games and to bring them home afterwards.  There were 27,462 individual items including a signed David Bowie Gold Disc, Brompton Bikes, Eleanor Lakelin Ornaments, Union Jacks in a variety of sizes, David Bailey prints of HRH Queen Elizabeth, Morris Dancing costume and huge variety of other pieces. 
  • We shipped a 'Seawalker' which is a horse walker filled with water, from Sweden to the Middle East. 
  • Aircraft parts from the USA to China, by air. 
  • We shipped a submarine to South America.  
  • We made bases for 5 quadskis and airfreighted them from the UK to start their new life on board a super yacht in the Middle East.  The squadski was featured in Top Gear. 
  • We have done 3 very successful PSP Shipping Workshops in Poole this year and have our next one planned for 26th January. 
  • We moved a luxury sports RIB by air to the USA.
  • We packed and shipped 12 dingy's to Saudi Arabia.
  • Our Finance Director, the amazing Darron Strange, has taken over the management of PSP Marine Spares.  Since then he has travelled to South Korea, China and Sweden. 
  • We have warmly welcomed new team members to PSP including our new site manager at our Dorset depot, Martin Rodgers. 
  • Our Clipper Race team, PSP Logistics, saved a turtle stuck in a fishing net in the Pacific.
  • The Poole Boat Show featured on the BBC's Apprentice and our PSP flags were in the back ground, you can't tell me thats not fame!