Jun 2013

Coming safely face-to-face with barracudas and angel fish while in a two-man bubble under the sea will soon become a possibility for holidaymakers in Miami, thanks to a little help from PSP.

The worldwide logistics firm has just transported the world’s first MSV Explorer stateside and now the vessel is set to be used by tourists to get closer to the underwater action in the Key West Reef.

The MSV Explorer, or MSVex as it is known, looks like a boat on wheels with a submarine underneath. It can be driven down the beach and then launched into the water, where two users can climb into the viewing cockpit below and come face-to-face with marine wildlife while remaining completely dry. They are able to steer the craft themselves with a joystick but there is also room for a ‘captain’ to steer the vessel from the ‘boat’ section above.

It was designed by Chris Garner in Plymouth and has been bought by businessman Wayne Mitchell, who saw the potential to commercialise the craft and market it to the tourism sector.

He said:

“It’s an incredible craft and the moment I saw it I knew it would be perfect for the hotels in Miami. Many of them offer jet ski sessions and powerboat rides but this gives them something completely new to offer their guests.”

Wayne’s business, HMS Discovery, has successfully sold the first MSVex to a luxurious Miami Beach hotel, which will run piloted ‘reef experiences’ for guests using the craft and called upon marine and boat transportation specialist, PSP, to deliver the precious cargo stateside.

He said:

“It’s the only one in the world so it was really important that it got to Miami safely. The team from PSP were great with the loading and made sure it was safely put into a container without a scratch.”

PSP transported the container from its HQ in Fareham, Hampshire to ABP Port of Southampton, where it was loaded onto vessel APL Indonesia and transported via sea to port of Miami, where it arrived on June 6.

PSP’s managing director, Frank Dixie, said:

“We particularly enjoyed working on this logistics project because of the synergies between Wayne’s business and ours. He is flexible, innovative and ambitious – three qualities that we pride ourselves on at PSP. Like us, he is looking worldwide for opportunities and constantly thinking across different sectors for new markets.”

Wayne concluded:

“The first MSVex touching American soil has marked a huge milestone in my business. I’m hoping it won’t be long until we have an entire fleet operating along beaches across the world.”

PSP is increasingly being commissioned by distributors of innovative marine products to transport its goods to market worldwide. Just last month it helped American firm Ongar Ltd bring WaveJet products to Europe.