Jun 2013

It takes a strong nerve and lashings of confidence to guarantee a shipment in the boat transportation industry.

But that’s exactly what PSP did when it guaranteed the arrival of four luxury yachts to Croatia this spring and saved its customer £1.2m in the process.

And the proof was in the pudding on May 28 when the luxury boats were unloaded at the port in Split.

PSP was commissioned to transport the yachts from the UK, where they had been manufactured, to their new owners in Croatia earlier in May. Because new import duty rules were due to come into effect on June 1, making any import 20% more expensive, the customer needed reassurance that the £5.5m cargo would reach Split before then. PSP went the extra mile and guaranteed the delivery of the boats on time and, as a result of being true to its word, saved the client some £1.2m in import duty charges.

Frank Dixie, managing director of PSP, explained that the guarantee was an unusual step and another example of the company’s confidence in its ability to deliver impeccably for its customers.

He added:

“It was a bold move by us to guarantee the shipment would get there on time, as there are so many external factors which can potentially delay the transport of boats by sea.

“However, with our proven track record we were confident and I’m very pleased that yesterday all of the boats were unloaded at their destination on time.

“As far as I’m aware this kind of guarantee has never been made by any of our competitors and it’s another reason PSP stands out from the crowd when it comes to boat transportation.”