Mar 2013

WORLDWIDE boat transportation specialist, PSP, has delivered a 40m yacht to Dubai. PSP, title sponsor of the PSP Southampton Boat Show, loaded the Sunseeker yacht onto transportation vessel ‘Palembang’ at Southampton Docks on February 7.

The 189,000-kilo Sunseeker was skippered from the Sunseeker factory in Poole to Southampton Docks, where it was moored alongside ‘Palembang’ ready to be loaded.

PSP’s specially designed 45 metre cradle was positioned on the deck of the Palembang in readiness to accept the precious cargo. Palembang is equipped with substantial lifting

equipment and this was rigged by the ship’s crew and PSP’s loadmaster and lowered into the water to accept the Sunseeker.

Divers checked the positioning of the lifting strops under the yacht, which has a beam of around eight metres. The ship’s cranes then worked together to perform a tandem lift from the water to PSP’s cradle on the deck.

PSP then oversaw the boat’s transportation to Port of Jebel Ali in Dubai, where it was unloaded by the PSP Worldwide Boat Transportation alliance’s members in the country. From there, it was motored to the Dubai International Boat Show ready to be displayed to the public.

Interestingly, the superyacht was loaded and unloaded on the same day that the firm loaded and unloaded a 230-tonne workboat, showing the breadth of PSP’s service across leisure and commercial.

Frank Dixie, Managing Director of PSP, said: “In January we announced how PSP is moving higher volumes and bigger models of leisure boats and this latest project is evidence of that.

“Specialising in heavy lift leisure boat transportation has always been a logical next step for us and we are only expecting this side of our business to grow in coming years.”