David And Frank
Feb 2015


The move comes as PSP announces ambitious plans to increase its turnover on the island by 25 per cent in the next year.


PSP, headquartered in Segensworth, opened its Isle of Wight office in 2012, becoming the only freight forwarder with a dedicated office on the island that customers can visit. Already it has seen commercial success, providing worldwide freight solutions for businesses and consumers all over the island.


However, Managing Director Frank Dixie, says there are plenty more opportunities afoot and has appointed islander David Hunt to head up the office and drive PSP’s growth plans. David, who has over a decade of experience in logistics, will oversee all operations at the Cowes base, one of PSP’s four offices in the UK.


Frank said: “There is world-class manufacturing taking place on the island and all of those goods need to be shipped either to the mainland or out across the world. As the island’s economy continues to grow, so too will its exports and we are primed to support that growth by helping businesses deliver their goods wherever they need to go.”


David, who has moved to the Isle of Wight to take up the role, said: “I’ve had a real love for the island ever since meeting my wife, who has lived here all her life. I’m looking forward to living here permanently and taking up this great role at PSP, which will help island businesses to boost their exports.”


As well as commercial freight forwarding PSP’s Isle of Wight office offers logistics services for consumers.