Angles -of -Incidence1
Jul 2014

As logistics partner for some of the biggest on-water races in the world, PSP is well known for its ability to transport luxury yachts and motorboats around the world.

But last week the logistics firm proved it’s about much more than just boat transportation as it moved a more unusual piece of cargo.

The worldwide logistics company’s London office has transported pieces of art from Singapore to the UK as part of an art exchange programme.

The structures, created by Philippa Lawrence and Randy Chan had been on display in the botanical gardens in Singapore. But now, thanks to PSP, they are settling in to their new home for the next two months, the Inner Temple Gardens at Victoria Embankment.

Angles of Incidence is a collection of reflective steel pods in various different shapes. They were created by Singaporean artist-architect Randy Chan and British artist Philippa Lawrence as part of a worldwide art exchange programme.

PSP transported the precious pieces of art to the UK by sea freight, packing them into a 40ft high cube container. They then oversaw the unloading at Felixstowe and arranged onward transportation to Inner Temple Gardens, where it took eight men to unload the artwork.

But the team didn’t stop there. Once the pods were on site, PSP’s art team worked alongside artist Randy to assemble the pods, which had been dismantled for transport, back together. In total, 17 people from PSP worked on various elements of the project.

Managing Director of the London office, Colin Redman, said: “While many may think of us as a purely marine-focussed logistics company, particularly considering PSP’s sponsorship of the PSP Southampton Boat Show, we transport much more than just boats. We do a lot within the art and architecture worlds, transporting everything from installations like these to tiny, delicate architects’ models.”