May 2013

It’s the brand new product from America that helps surfers get closer to the action.

And this month it has had a helping hand from worldwide logistics company, PSP, to get closer to its European market.

WaveJet is a revolutionary Personal Water Propulsion system that seeks to change the way people interact with water. A clean, quiet, battery-powered dual jet drive, the WaveJet Power Pod is a device which can be attached to any WaveJet-ready personal watercraft, including surfboards, stand-up paddle boards and boogie boards to help users go faster.

It is already being used by pro surfers Stateside and this year the company introducing the technology to Europe, Ongar Limited, is tasking PSP with transporting the goods across the Atlantic.

PSP has shipped via air freight a WaveJet Ready Rescue Board and WaveJet Ready 11’0 SUP from California to Spain, ready to display at the Palma Boat Show. The worldwide logistics company, which specialises in heavy lift and boat transportation, cleared the cargo through customs and ensured the sporting goods reached their destination on time and with all the necessary paperwork.

Because the items contained lithium batteries, which are classed as dangerous goods, PSP was able to flex its expertise in this area. PSP is one of only a handful of logistics firms that is licensed to transport and pack dangerous goods, which include guns and potentially explosive shipments, such as lithium batteries.

PSP’s managing director, Frank Dixie, said:

“This latest shipment is proof that while we may be best known in the marine industry for transporting luxury yachts, marine spares and work boats, there is even more that we are capable of. A huge 80 per cent of our business comes from non-marine freight forwarding projects such as this and we are working to increase our market share of this type of work.”

David Thomas, CEO of Ongar Ltd, WaveJet Exclusive European Distributor, added:

“David Thomas, MD of Ongar Ltd, WaveJet Exclusive European Distributor, added: “We are simply delighted to have engaged PSP to guide us through the logistical nightmare of shipping our WaveJets into Europe. From our first meeting at the Tullett Prebon London Boat Show in January, the PSP team led by Mike Austin not only got us to Palma on time but helped crown that with the best-in-show award. We look forward to a great ongoing partnership with PSP.”

To find out more about PSP’s freight forwarding and air freight services visit www.psp-logistics.com/freight_forwarding