Turtle Save
Jun 2016

International Turtle Rescue at N10 29.629 W93 14.414

Colin Hammond is on board PSP Logistics in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race and this article is from his blog

"At 1:30 UTC – 1715 boat time Nicola Prince and I were resting on the cuddy in the shade as we motored on. We had been watching little groups of dolphins come and go as boobies circled low around the boat looking for the flying fish we startle.

Nicola said what’s that as we saw some mainly yellow flotsam on the port bow. We alerted the helm to miss it (it was Max) but as it passed we all reckoned that it was fishing buoys with netting and that there might be a turtle caught. Max instantly decided to go and have a look, which we all agreed with. We were running under engine with 2 reefs in the main, so manoeuvring was relatively easy and we did not have to do any of the man overboard drills like dropping sails. I went int MOB pointer mode and when we got the flotsam alongside, we saw that there were actually 2 turtles, large and small one which we decided were mother and baby. For good measure there was a small shark also caught.

We managed to catch the netting with the boat hook and Henrik went in the water with a knife. after a lot of hard work by him he managed to free the baby which swam off to thedeep. The Mother was more closely caught and we decided to follow Janey’s suggestion and bring her round to the scramble net. We eventually brought he up on her back using that and Nicola P was able to cut her free and she swam off as well to our relief as at times she seemed very weak.

We then took pictures of Henrik with the shark to show that we had finally caught something fishing and then threw it back in. The netting, buoys etc are now in the lazarette with the other rubbish and will end up as landfill rather than being a risk to more marine wildlife.

Safe to say we are feeling a lot better and would all rather have done that than finished ahead of the other 2 boats this morning.

A chipper Colin on PSP Logistics"

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