Jun 2018

Specialist freight forwarder PSP London scored a home goal when they were selected to deliver the Budweiser Man of the Match trophies to the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. 

PSP London works within the construction industry shipping architects models all over the world so they are used to handling high value and delicate cargo. It was essential that each shipment was closely monitored by the PSP team to ensure its safe delivery to Moscow. 

PSP London delivered the trophies by air in three shipments, the last arriving in May 2018.  They were flown, custom cleared and delivered to the site within 3 days. 

Managing Director Colin Redman said “As a football lover this was certainly a highlight and an honour for us to do. Our client has worked with us on many different projects and they knew they could rely on us.  It was extremely important that we delivered all of the trophies on time and in perfect condition so although we work with most airlines we chose our carrier very carefully and closely monitored every stage of the voyage to ensure everything went to plan.”

The Budweiser Man of the Match winners are chosen by the fans and there will be one winner in each of the 64 games.  In the first England match Harry Kane was the winner of the award. 

Hopefully Harry Kane will receive the same award in the final.

(Pictured right Cristiano Ronaldo winning Budweiser Man of the Match Friday 15th June 2018)