PSP Worldwide Logistics is passionate about the marine industry and the sport of sailing and that is why we sponsorsed a yacht in the Clipper Race. 

Having worked closely with Clipper Ventures as their logistics partner for the previous two races it made perfect sense to take that relationship a step further.  In the 13/14 race we were not only selected for the third time as trusted 'Official Logistics Partner' but we also chose to sponsor our own yacht - PSP Logistics. 

It was an incredible journey for PSP as a company and of course those on board PSP Logistics who sailed the world's oceans in some seriously testing conditions.  Some were plagued with sea sickness with no respite until the next stopover and others sustained injuries in the high seas but now they are all back home they are probably reflecting on the enormous achievement and challenge of sailing around the world and the wonders of nature that they were lucky enough to experience first hand.  As a sponsor we also reflect fondly on the 13/14 Clipper Race.  We made some great friends and contacts from all corners of the planet in many walks of like. we were alble to entertain guests on board a fantatsic ocean-racing yacht and we proudly watched our brand perform on a global platform.  We have photos of PSP Logistics with her spinnaker flying in front of some of the worlds most famous iconic landmarks.


Of course, its not all about the marketing aspect, it was also about PSP making sure that the shipping containers, which were decked out as workshops and also contained spare parts/sails/equipment, arrived at each of the stopovers on time without damage.  Having a good and reliable logistics partner can make or break an event.  So much more planning goes on behind the scenes than most would assume due to the sheer logistical task of coordinating a global, time-critical movement. 


A word from Jo Dixie-Goodwin, Marketing Director at PSP Logistics

Sponsorship is often hard to evaluate so you have to start with an aspiration. 

We are doing a case study on our participation in the race so please keep an eye out for it!