Oct 2016

For many years now PSP Logistics has been serving the British US boat show exhibitors by providing a reliable, on time, boat show vessel which departs from the UK and sails to Port Everglades.  PSP was the first yacht shipper to offer a direct call to Port Everglades, which is now the preferred choice of port for PSP's clients.  PSP also allows clients to board the mother vessel in port which strangely enough not all yacht shippers permit.  

If you are interested in hopping on board our next sailing then please do call PSP or email for a quotation.  

The vessel for Miami will be departing from UK (Southampton)

This will be a water to water service (i.e. you will need to deliver your boat alongside the vessel and at the destination she will be discharged to water)  PSP has invested heavily in a fleet of fully adjustable certified shipping cradles.  

Transit time 12-13 days