At PSP GEL Ltd, we understand the importance of making sure your products arrive safely and on time, ready for you to sell online. Our e-commerce logistics team are here to guide you through the process and ensure that your specific requirements are met with an emphasis on service, speed, efficiency, and sector knowledge.  

As industry leaders, we have a professional network of e-commerce logistics partners around the world so we can support Amazon sellers with shipments to and from just about anywhere. Whether you are looking to ship containers from China, air freight from the USA or road haulage to Europe we can help. We will make the process as smooth and as simple as possible and provide you with advice and support along the way. Our team are on hand to help you through any issues and can also assist with with customs clearance and other formalities. 

As an Amazon SPN Partner (Seller Preferred Network) you can rest assured that we come highly recommended. Whether you need to ship diretcly to an FBA centre or 3PL we understand the processes and can ensure you meet the regulations required within each territory. For more information email or call the office for more detail. 

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