In 2011 Starclass Yacht Transport and partners introduced a new service which has seen significant growth over the past 3 years. PSP Logistics is the exclusive UK booking agent and is one of eleven selected companies representing Starclass Yacht Transport throughout Europe and Turkey.

Starclass Yacht Transport operate two 150 ton geared vessels , MV Deo Volente and MV Eemslift Henrika, both of which constantly do loops around European ports picking up and delivering yachts. The Starclass vessels are ‘geared ships’ which means they have their own cranes and are not reliant upon port cranes which allows them more flexibility.  Rather than using the larger more expensive and congested ports, they identified less known regional ports which saves money and time.  For the UK market, PSP arranged for the vessels to call into the newly developed South Quay at the Port of Poole.

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